Do you insure your car and house? Why??

We do not know what the future holds – at any age… 21, 35, 49, 67 or 90 years old…

The number of Lasting Powers of Attorney granted has tripled – due to increased public awareness

People of all ages are becoming more aware of future planning… Why do you insure your car or your house? In case something unexpected happens, right? However, what about if you had physical or mental problems due to unforeseen events, who could step in and run your affairs and how?

The LPA is a legal document that appoints someone to help you make your own decisions or make decisions on your behalf.  Typically, this would be a member of your immediate family, a loved one or a legal professional.

It’s a document that I hope you would never need to use. BUT if needed and it’s there, it will save you and your loved ones massive stress and expense.

I have a lot of experience in drafting LPAs, don’t delay, call today.

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