Wills and Legal Services


At Western Wills, the services we offer to you include the following:

Wills – What type of will you have will depend on your circumstances.  We provide clear advice, bespoke to your situation to so that your estate can pass to your loved ones without problem.

Trusts – Trusts within will documents can help:

  • Protect your property
  • protect a vulnerable child or relative
  • if it is not desirable for a beneficiary to receive a lump sum of money all at once
  • ensure your estate is not lost due to remarriage “sideways disinheritance”

Storage – you may wish to have your will stored safely in fire proof vaults so it can be found easily by your executors at the appropriate time. You and your executors will get certificates, allowing easy retrieval.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA’s) – click here for more information.

Funeral Plans – If you don’t put the arrangements in place, the cost of your funeral will come from your estate. As you can imagine, costs for funerals rise year on year. If you prepay for a funeral now it will mean your relatives will know exactly what you want for your funeral and that it is paid for at today’s prices.

Probate Western Wills is a partner with Kings Court Trust. They provide fixed price estate administration at very competitive fees.


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