Advance Funeral Planning and Protection Services


“This worry was always at the back of my mind- and I can’t believe how simple it’s been to arrange!

Although this is a  subject we don’t often discuss, the fact remains we will all need a funeral at some point!

It does make sense to plan and pay for your funeral in advance for the following reasons;

  • It “locks in” the plan at today’s costs. Once purchased, the funeral director’s costs are guaranteed to be met-how ever many years in the future they may be needed.


  • Without a plan it could cause financial hardship to your nearest and dearest. They may not be able to release money from your estate in time to pay for the funeral and thus have to pay for it themselves in the first instance.


  • No more guessing! You can set out in advance what type of burial/cremation you would prefer. You may have preferences about music, flowers and the service. By setting these down in advance, your loved ones aren’t left guessing!



Rest assured-Golden Leaves are the chosen   partner of Society of Will Writers, one of the main governing bodies of the profession.

golden-leaves-3They are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority. All funds are held in an independently managed trust, so your plan is in safe hands.


Cost- will depend on whether you go for a bronze, silver, gold or platinum funeral plan.

Plans can be

  • Paid in full.
  • Paid in 12-60 monthly instalments
  • There is also another type of ground-breaking instalment scheme, which has you covered fully for your funeral from 12 months after the start! The costs are fixed from the outset.

If you want to find out more information about a Golden Leaves Funeral                               Plan, call today for a no obligation home visit.