Probate and Estate Administration

Most people have heard of probate and estate administration. It is the process that happens after a person’s death.

Do all estates need to go through estate administration? The answer is no they don’t.  It depends on what the estate comprises of.

Generally, families find after a relative dies they are hurled into a world they know nothing or little about. Sorting out somebody’s estate can be quite a responsibility, not to mention time consuming, and that is why families often turn to professionals for help in getting in right.

Solicitors and banks normally charge a percentage of the estate, so the more in it, the higher the bill. Also, they sometimes will add on hourly charges  etc so it is hard to define what the final bill will be. For most families the bill is in the thousands or tens of thousands.

This is why I work with Kings Court Trust Bristol. They provide a different approach to estate administration. Some questions are asked to establish what the estate comprises of. Then a price for administration is given. This is not dependant on the value of the estate but the complexity. This means the price is transparent and covers all work done. It most cases this would work out cheaper than solicitors and banks.

They also provide a 24/7 online tracker and your own dedicated case manager.

If you need help with probate and estate administration, call Western Wills in the first instance. Then I will be able to obtain a no obligation quote for you.