A will is not a one-size-fits-all document. It is unique to you; the will you have at 25 years old will probably look very different to the will you have at 70 years old!

I offer the following types of wills:
  • Standard single / Mirror Wills
  • Business Wills (small / large business)
  • Property Protection Trust Wills (to protect the family home from being possibly lost to care home fees / remarriage)
  • Trust Wills
Main reasons for having a will are:
  • You get to choose who the executors are
  • You can appoint guardians for children
  • You chose who gets what and when
  • Maximise your inheritance tax allowances with forward planning
  • You can include a trust if appropriate, to protect inheritance from being lost for various reasons
Trusts in wills can protect in the following ways:
  • Protecting inheritance of children from a previous relationship/s
  • Discretionary trust when the beneficiary has additional needs/addictive behaviours, or you may wish to “generation skip”
  • Right to Occupy Trust; to allow someone to live in a property without inheriting it

Don’t forget, if you already have a Will, you can have it reviewed for free- to check that it is fit for purpose. Laws can change, so it is worth reviewing regularly. I have saved several clients considerable loss from their estates by reviewing their current Wills.

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